Flatbed Towing​


Imagine what it may feel like if you were to attempt hitchhiking your way home, and a Good Samaritan decides to give you a lift. However, as soon as your seatbelt clicks into place, they hit you square in the jaw.

If a towing service provider continues relying on outdated dolly-style hauling trucks, that is what they wind up doing to your car. Although dolly towing vehicles are quick on their feet and inexpensive to purchase, they leave scratches, dents, and other blemishes behind on your car.

At Neo’s  Roadside Recovery, we continue depending on our best flatbed truck to haul away more car types without additional harm. When you need to make sure that your vehicle’s avoid further damage, it helps to know someone how the right tools for the job.

When you can’t risk anything more happening to your car today, you need a safer, more reliable solution for any situation.

​Aurora Flatbed Service

Most professional towing drivers agree that, although it costs more to purchase, a flatbed vehicle remains the superior choice for providing service to you. It minimizes the risks of further physical damages, and it loads your cars faster than most other options.

Many companies won’t inform you of what they’re bringing, making it a mystery until they show up. If they don’t have the correct vehicle, it means waiting for yet another driver to arrive.

When you need to know how you’re getting your car home, Aurora Towing remains the best choice.

dark grey car on a tow truck